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How to better represent your brand and appeal to more people


Marketing yourself and your real estate business has greatly changed over the past five years.  Social media is such a big part of everyone's life and it's changed the way that your potential clients view and see the world. This has impacted on the property sales and rental business in ways that many people don't realise. Remembering the first thing the client is likely to see or hear about you is through online or printed media. Thinking about your current headshots, how do you think your client will connect with you? To me that decision in buying my last home was heavily influenced on my connection with my agent. I had seen his billboards and signs around previously and the thing that stuck in my mind most was the level of engagement I felt he had in is expression and pose. I was aware of the science behind my responses and still my decision for first contact came down to his mugshot:) It's not just enough these days to have standard vanilla Image looking at the camera and turning on a pre-canned smile. Your client is now a trained media specialist honed from years spent on social media looking at thousands of faces and expressions. Expertly placing trust scores based on micro expressions and subtle messages completely unknowing of this super power they possess.



Brisbane Headshots have been  photographing corporate, performers and actors headshot's for the past 15 years. Around 9 years ago we saw a swing towards more of a lifestyle, story based style in imagery from overseas photographers. We adopted the style for actors and performers and it got seen and became requested by our corporate photography clients as well. We have photographed a lot of real estate agents and businesses over the past four years using more of an interest based perspective by creating negative space in the frame. We shoot in a panorama format instead of the traditional vertical format that gives marketing people room to place critical messages, such as touch points and calls to action to create engagement with new potential clients. This same style lends itself to banners and excellent website collateral, as well as cropping for smaller headshots, offering a lot more possibilities to the use of the image in getting your message out to your right avatar.


Some of our larger corporate property specialists have already adopted this newer style and we are kept busy coming up with new and creative ways of highlighting their sales agents and support staff in a way that stands out from the crowd. We suggest casting a fresh eye over your existing imagery you're using and have a think about the extra traction great headshots can generate. This is such an important piece of marketing material being it’s the front line for representing you as a trusted person, chosen as the one to take care of your clients most treasured of assets.

Call Paul or Georgie today on 32541789 and find out why we are consistently chosen and trusted over any other sgency to deliver amazing headshots and lifestyle inspired photography.

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