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Your Business Headshot is a great way to engage on the many different media platforms. But how about working your way through the maze of Social media that manages to eat into our productive busy days? Here at the studio we are a little luckier than most and we get to post images of our clients up on Instagram and Linkein with the occasional bit of Facebook and Twitter. Our weapon of choice is Hootsuite a web based scheduling and deployment app that also has some handy analytics built in to let you know if you hot or cold.There is a free and paid version with the later being the only real option for people like us. If your looking for something cheaper or free that does a lot of the heavy lifting, then try "Buffer" or "Later." Both of these carry simular functionality.

A number of influential social media analysts  recently said Australian businesses were ahead of the curve compared to a lot of world when it comes to engaged in quality social media and this was in fact an important talent that was up there with other aspects of the fast evolving game of musical chairs that some people are calling disruption. To that end we have to be smarter and engage more authentically with our audience. Be helpful and interesting and work harder to be competitive in our individual markets. I heard a great analogy on how the web works recently with regards to Google and other search engines. Imagine guys like Facebook, Reditt, Google, Cnet are all the popular people at school. By submitting original content creating backlinks and association with these sites or even popular people on the web we make ourselves more popular as well. Sites like Linkedin reward people who are considered to be thought leaders and in turn allow other people to become more SEO relevant by association. Just by understanding these and other simple synergies that exist in the ever changing online world we can do organically grow our business presence without resorting to too much paid advertising in an ever tightening, competitive market place. So pedal faster because it's getting harder.

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