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So here is a blog post written from real world experience. We are just completing the 5th revision of our website for Brisbane Headshots now in its 16th. year. What we are seeing are much bigger images being used on sites with banners and sliders featuring photographs up to 3,600 pixels across, which are huge dimensions. I do understand, being a professional in the industry, that these monster sizes are now becoming the norm given the high definition 4 and 5k screens that the images are now being viewed on. Images below these numbers simply look crappy. There is a downside to this though and some web developers fail to tell clients that Google rewards fast loading sites that don't contain lots of bulky images so there is a happy medium to be struck. We feel that the ideal  solution is two or three great hero images utilising some negastive space to one side in order to display sales messages, quotes and benefits alongside as animated text layers.

When we work with clients that are in the process of creating a new site or brand presence we like to analyse the intended design in order to match the headshots or corporate photography to the intended design. In all honesty the quickest way to pull down the whole look and feel of a site is to put mismatched or unprofessional images. To take this one step further, careful consideration to the design of the images taking into account the sites colour scheme, overall feel and intended image dimensions can really make a site look fantastic and give the visitor a feeling of quality and professionalism that will sell more product or put more bums on seats for your business.

if you get a chance visit pur home page and have a look at the gallery to see what we are talking about as far as images that tell a story. We have over 30 years experience in advertising and corporate photography both here in Brisbane and in overseas, so your in good hands! 

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